What a year! Oh, what a year!
Around the block, around the bend
Around the world and back again
In time for snow and Christmas cheer!
What I’ve seen! Oh, what I’ve seen!
The fire’s strong, the fire’s bright
I chased the sun, I braved the night
I woke the muse and lived the dream!
What a time! Oh, what a time!
Of meeting minds, of meeting fears
Of random walks and World Cup cheers
I searched for reason, found my rhyme!
What a find! Oh, what a find!
To look beyond, to look within
To see a place I could begin
To leave the phantom past behind!
What a day! Oh, what a day!
When snowflakes danced with naked trees
When moonboats sailed on tranquil seas
Our dreams were young and love at play!
What a joy! Oh, what a joy!
To be so loved, to be so blessed
To still be on life’s sacred quest
I’m all grown up, yet still a boy!
What a life! What paths I tread!
Through valleys low, to mountain peaks
With flowing words through hidden creeks
I’m forty, with the best ahead!

Wayne Visser © 2010


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