Was it something I said …

These quotes have been extracted from my writings (published and unpublished) over the years. I share them in the hope that some will find them interesting, helpful or even inspiring. Anyone is welcome to use or share my quotations, provided they are attributed.

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Adventure – There are moments when suddenly our eyes blink open and we recapture the excitement of living. Life becomes an adventure and we, adventurers.

Africa – Africa is the continent of surprise – it constantly surprises me, it is waiting to surprise you, and soon, it will surprise the whole world.

Age – As much as age is an inescapable reality, it is also an ethereal illusion.

Answers – Searching for answers in life presumes that we even know the questions.

Attitude – Our attitude is the only thing over which we can have complete control.


Beginnings – Every new beginning is just a first step away.

Beliefs – My creed is simple: I believe in the potential of everything and everyone, for good and evil.

Believing – Suspending disbelief is not nearly as powerful as believing.

Business – Business exists to serve society, not the other way around.


Certainty – Life comes with no guarantees; nor does love.

Change – Change is a process, not an event.

Choice – Every person chooses and walks their own path. Only they can choose it and only they can walk it. And to move forward in life, they must do both.

Creation – All creation is born of imagination and nurtured by expression.


Dancing – Dancing is allowing ourselves to be moved by music.

Daring – Dare to be: to be different, to be loving, to be successful, to be true to yourself.

Dignity – Dignity is the saving grace of humanity.

Doubt – Doubt is the shield we carry through the battlefields of life.

Dreams – The greatest dreams are about being different and making a difference.

Dreams – Dreams are the swirling smoke of our spirit’s fire.


Endurance – Do not nail yourself to a cross each time you fall short of the mark. Pick yourself up, dust yourself off and try again, and again, and again.

Eternity – Eternity is our choice – if we choose to live in the everlasting present, and if have the courage to keep going against all odds.


Fairytales – I’ve lived long enough to know that life is no fairytale, but it certainly is a tale and an adventurous one at that.

Fear – Our greatest fear is not being loved.

Flight – Flight is the journey beyond our limitations.

Flowers – When nature laughs, flowers bloom.

Food – Food is a universal language spiced by delicious local dialects.

Freedom – You are free: Free to think what you like, free to do what you want, free to be yourself, free to fall in love, free to live.

Freedom – We have no home, other than all creation. We have no ties, other than to every living thing.

Friendship – Friendship is the bond between hearts and the bridge between souls.


Generosity – Generosity is sharing that which you can least afford to give.

Genius – The mark of a genius is their unquenchable thirst for knowledge and understanding, for a more complete picture of the universe and our place in it.

Goodness – We must never loose our belief in the fundamental goodness of people; the exceptions only serve to prove the rule.

Greed – Who says business can’t reach beyond the shadows of selfishness and greed and become a source of light and love in the world?

Guidance – The best guidance that others can give is to remind us that we have the means to further whichever ends we choose.


Happiness – Life is our instructor, and her first lesson is to be happy.

Healing – Time, and focusing on the good things in our lives, helps us to heal and keep moving, however slowly, towards wholeness again.

Home – Home is wherever we feel we most belong.

Humour – Any attempt to fathom the mystery of humour is laughable.


Insight – An epiphany is seeing the same world again, but differently this time.


Judgement – We are never in a position to judge the path another person chooses, for each much choose their own path and live with the consequences.

Leaders – The hope for our future lies with the emergence of a new brand of principled leaders who lead from the heart.

Leadership – Leadership is the ability to inspire individuals to act for the common good.

Learning – If we can be mindful of the lessons that each day has offered us, our learning will be swift and sure.

Letting go – We only let go of something or someone when we realise we have nothing much to gain by holding on.

Living – The real key to the wonders, the mysteries and the potential of life is to be found in the living thereof. ~ Wayne Visser 1991

Loneliness – We walk in this world alone, yet we are never alone.

Love – Love is a journey in which we can never know the destination, only that we want to walk into the unknown with another by our side.

Love – Love is the ultimate human quest.


Meaning – We should never be embarrassed to admit that we are puzzled (clueless even) about the meaning of life.

Memories – Memories of the past are teachers of the present and prophets of the future.

Miracles – To a line, a square is a miracle, and to a square, a cube is an impossible dream.

Moon – The moon is reflective, feminine, nocturnal, mysterious, bewitching and .. most importantly .. made of cheese!

Music – Any music can be played, but the best music plays us.


Names – Names tell a story. They are a symbol of our past heritage and, if we are lucky, a touchstone for our future aspirations.

Nature – Nature needs no improvement, only appreciation and respect.


Opportunity – We must learn to have faith in life itself. For life will always present us with opportunities to begin to make our wishes come true.

Organisations – Organisations form part of the chain of living organisms. Each has their own life cycle, personality, influence and capacity to evolve.


Partnership – Partnership is the journey towards being better together than apart.

Permission – Always give yourself permission to play, to have adventures, to skip and jump, to enjoy life, to fly and to love.

Perspective – Looking down on the city lights puts life into perspective – there is the greater whole, of which I am but a single molecule.

Persuasion – Never try to convince anyone of anything. You can plant a seed, water it and pluck the fruit, but you cannot grow the plant, for that is the work of nature.

Pessimism – The victim of pessimism is hope. And where there is no hope, there is no future worth living for.

Possibilities – We are all on a highly personal journey of infinite possibilities.

Progress – This is progress: Having a goal, no matter how small or simple, and moving towards it, no matter how slowly or indirectly.


Radicals – Radicals are the root of all progress.

Reality – Sometimes daily living seems but a distraction, something trivial in the face of greater reality.

Rejuvenation – There is a silent wind trapped within us, longing to blow and cleanse and purify and rejuvenate, if only we would release it.

Responsibility – Responsibility is the choice we make to respond with care.

Rings – A ring is a symbol – it’s circular shape represents wholeness and eternity, which is the ultimate potential of love.

Rituals – Rituals are labyrinths with meaning at their centre.


Seasons – Seasons are the variable shades of blush we see when we catch nature changing.

Self-love – I need to love myself as I am, not as I was or wish to be.

Silence – All sound begins and ends in silence.

Space – The building blocks of life, the universe, and everything, are the spaces in between.

Sport – Sport is a better peacemaker than politics or religion.

Stories – We all have a story to tell – of our journey through this life, of the world through our yes, of the “I am” that we are – and the true telling is in the living.

Strength – Sometimes strength is in recognising weakness, and courage is in accepting a helping hand.

Success – Success can always be traced back to one or two enthusiastic and committed individuals.

Success – Dream on! For success was never born from anything less than dreams.

Synchronicity – Synchronicity is a sign that the universe is working with us, or perhaps more accurately, that we are working in harmony with the universe.


Theatre – Theatre is where we go to let others expose who we are.

Third Way – The Third Way is that elusive road joining the divergent paths of growth and development, ownership and sharing, competition and co-operation, confrontation and consensus, material and spiritual.

Time – Time is our greatest gift, and using it well, our greatest offering in return.

Touch – Only when touched do we truly come to our senses.

Transcendence – Life is all about transcending our limitations – seeking out boundaries of our potential, and then stepping beyond them.


Understand – When we understand why and how people and things are they way they are, hatred and prejudice can no longer exist.


War – There is no such thing as a war without unexpected and unintended consequences.

Wildness – We were all born to be wild and tricked into being tame.

Words – Words, once spoken, have a life of their own.