Walk the Line

I walk the line
Between the river and the road
The river whispers to slow down
To breathe in the beauty
And see myself reflected
The road is too busy to notice
Too focused on the destination
And how to get there sooner

I walk the line
Between the head and the heart
The head is quick with answers
With boxes to put things in
And labels to explain
The heart is full of questions
With doors of doubt to unlock
And windows of love to open

I walk the line
Between the mountain and the sea
The mountain beckons to climb
To reach for the distant summit
And enjoy the view from the top
The sea urges to cast adrift
To go with the invisible flow
And be content in the moment

I walk the line
Between the body and the soul
The body craves for attention
For pandering to appetites
And obeying the senses
The soul yearns for meaning
For something to believe in
And a destiny to follow

I walk the line
Between the day and the night
The day is a call to action
To building stone by stone
And making my mark
The night is for seeding
For germinating in the dark
And nurturing my dreams

I walk the line
Between living and dying
Living is finding new connections
New ways of seeing the world
And adding something new
Dying is learning to let go
To appreciate more with less
And finding a place to rest

Wayne Visser © 2007


String, Donuts, Bubbles and Me: Favourite Philosophical Poems

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