Stone Walls

Tectonic forces heave and strain
Volcanic cones spew fiery rain
Molten lava congeals to rock
The land-mass shudders in aftershock

Then the Master Crafter we call Time
Begins to shape, mould and define
With tools of water, wind and sun
A landscape sculptured to become

Stone by stone, with human hand
These walls were built across the land
Like an ancient script, a story told
Of the natural life in times of olde

Then humans arrive upon the scene
To dig and blast and mine the seam
And from crumbling quarries hewed of stone
Carve building blocks to make their home

Soon rising up around each place
Stone walls dissect the open space
And leave behind a patchwork quilt
Of villages, towns and cities built

Wayne Visser © 2001


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