Ukraine 2010 Notes

27 April 2010

My visit to Kiev, Ukraine, to deliver a talk at the IV International CSR Conference was worthwhile, but far too fleeting. From the brief night-tour I had, I can see that it is a beautiful city, with lots of fascinating architecture and history. The Kiev equivalent of the Statue of Liberty, which stands 8 metres higher than it’s American counterpart, is a case in point.

While here, my favourite books of all time – Possession, Time Traveller’s Wife and Bridge Across Forever – have been wrested from top spot by the epic, gritty, poetic, Bombay-based biography that is Shantaram. It is at once compelling and disturbing, beautiful and ghastly, insightful and confusing. It blurs the lines between good and evil, between love and tragedy, between life and death.

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