Never Too Late

It’s never too dark to light with a spark
The blackness of night as colours flash bright
To flame in the gloom and leave a good mark
There’s always a gleam of hope left in sight
It’s never too dark, not ever too dark

It’s never too bold to break from the mould
Of habits and rules, of nations and schools
To rewrite the plot of tales we’ve been told
There’s always a magus dressed as a fool
It’s never too bold , not ever too bold

It’s never too soon to shoot for the moon
With visions and schemes, with rockets and dreams
To wish on a star, go bust and then boom
There’s always a chance to catch the sunbeams
It’s never too soon, not ever too soon

It’s never too high to reach for the sky
With ladders to climb, one step at a time
To strive without rest, to fail and retry
There’s always a rhythm, always a rhyme
It’s never too high, not ever to high

It’s never too late to regenerate
Our land and our seas, the fish and the trees
To rewild the earth and change the world’s fate
There’s always new life buzz-buzzing like bees
It’s never too late, not ever too late.

Wayne Visser © 2022


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