My Spring

My boots are thud, thud, thudding
Like a beat upon the street
While blooms are bud, bud, budding
On the trees still without leaves

My heart is beat, beat, beating
Without rest within my chest
While birds are tweet, tweet, tweeting
On the ledges and in hedges

My Spring is come, come, coming
Soon her song will sing along
With days of sun, sun, sunning
On the rise across my skies

Wayne Visser © 2006


Wishing Leaves: Favourite Nature Poems

This creative collection, now in its 3rd edition, brings together nature poems by Wayne Visser, celebrating the diversity, beauty and ever-changing moods of our planet. The anthology includes many old favourites like “I Think I Was a Tree Once” and “A Bug’s Life”, as well as brand new poems like “Monet’s Dream” and “The Environmentalist”. Then as we turned our faces to the moon / Our hands entwined, our hearts in sync, in tune / We felt the fingers of the silken breeze / And made our wishes on the falling leaves / A gust of wind set off a whispered sigh / Among the trees that leaned against the sky.  Buy the paper book / Buy the e-book.