Garden of Hope

I remember so clearly the barren crater
Gouged from the ground in our yard
Dusty with sand and jagged with rubble
A porta-pool grave of plastic and wire

Who had the foresight, the vision, the faith
To see in its midst, the garden?
Who had the hope, the courage in life
To dream of flowers and streams?

The reality was bleak in its manifest form
Yet the future was for the creating
And today is a testimony to the triumphant seed
Of imagination nurtured by labour

For the hole has been covered and moulded and planted
And bursts forth with a colourful blaze
The water, once sterile, now flows to a pond
Where family gathers and darting fish play

This is the star in the darkness of night
The jewel in the mountain of rock
This is my glade of peace and tranquillity
My inspiration – my garden of hope

Wayne Visser © 1998


Wishing Leaves: Favourite Nature Poems

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