Nature’s Embrace

Take me to the forests green
I need to feel their healing balm
To soak in groves of dappled sheen
And wallow in their soothing calm

Take me to the mountains high
I need to stretch and strain and strive
To rise up where the eagles fly
And burst with joy to be alive

Take me to the wilderness
I need the space to be alone
To tap the vein of nature’s bliss
And slip into the mindful zone

Take me to the beaches gold
I need to feel the sun’s warm rays
To dive into the oceans cold
And drift on lunar tidal sways

Take me to the valleys cool
I need to rest within their shade
To cast ideas into a pool
And watch them ripple ‘til they fade

Take me to the desert sand
I need to clear my cluttered mind
To see the beauty in the bland
And treasure secrets that I find

Take me to the alpine snow
I need to breathe its pristine chill
To thaw my soul while embers glow
And feel the pure adrenal thrill

Take me into nature’s arms
I need to feel her love embrace
To shelter from life’s daily harms
And gaze upon her wizened face

Wayne Visser © 2019


Wishing Leaves: Favourite Nature Poems

This creative collection, now in its 3rd edition, brings together nature poems by Wayne Visser, celebrating the diversity, beauty and ever-changing moods of our planet. The anthology includes many old favourites like “I Think I Was a Tree Once” and “A Bug’s Life”, as well as brand new poems like “Monet’s Dream” and “The Environmentalist”. Then as we turned our faces to the moon / Our hands entwined, our hearts in sync, in tune / We felt the fingers of the silken breeze / And made our wishes on the falling leaves / A gust of wind set off a whispered sigh / Among the trees that leaned against the sky.  Buy the paper book / Buy the e-book.