Book of Changes

Part 1.

This is the time of transition
The rhyme of revision
On the cusp
Between dying and being reborn
The dawn of new light
The fight of contraction and deep breathing
Of conviction and deep grieving
On the cusp
Between pain and promise
The rhyme of rain and conflagration
This is the time of expectation

This is the moment of madness
The low point of sadness
On the fringe
Between chaos and new order
The border of old crumbling ways
The maze of fear and deep division
Of hollow cheer and deep schism
On the fringe
Between lies and false prophets
The low point of political scoring
This is the moment of tribes warring

This is the song of soul searching
The long night of mind lurching
On the frontier
Between dogma and new paradigms
The bell chimes of dire warning
The yawning questions of deep reflection
Of poignant lessons for deep inflection
On the frontier
Between scouting and getting lost
The long night of struggling to cope
This is the song of faith and hope

Part 2.

This is the chasm of creation
The spasm of revelation
On the margin
Between black space and star-bursts
The universe like petals unfolding
The moulding of myths and deep reality
Of rippling riffs of deep gravity
On the margin
Between the void and seminal sparks
The spasm of pregnant desires
This is the chasm of forging fires

This is the time of transformation
The mime of mesmerisation
On the brink
Between cursing and spell invoking
The stoking of existential rage
The age of collapse and deep adaptation
Of relapse and deep restoration
On the brink
Between falling and rising together
The mime of the river’s flow
This is the time of letting go

This is the book of changes
The look of strangers
On the fulcrum
Between inertia and tipping points
The slipping joints of bridges built
The guilt of ignorance and deep knowledge
Of silence and deep homage
On the fulcrum
Between clues and complex ciphers
The look of unlocked mysteries
This is the book of histories

Part 3.

This is the song of shapeshifting
The throng of masks lifting
On the lip
Between captive and running wild
The inner child of selfish choices
The voices of instinct and deep hunger
Of eyes blinked and deep wonder
On the lip
Between hunting and invisible trails
The throng of shadows under the moon
This is the song without a tune

This is the moment of metamorphosis
The atonement for a life of bliss
On the edge
Between sleep and fresh awakening
The breaking in of unworn shoes
The blues of change and deep dreaming
Of sinister and deep scheming
On the edge
Between destruction and recreation
The atonement shedding of old skin
This is the moment for new life to begin

This is the time of transition
The crime of indecision
On the rim
Between breakdowns and breakthroughs
The fake news of puppets in power
The hour of crisis and deep meaning
Of thrown dices and deep greening
On the rim
Between extinction and regeneration
The prime of life’s vital virility
This is the time of possibility

Wayne Visser © 2024


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