4 JUNE 1978

Bulawayo Eisteddfod Society

Poetry: Awarded 1st Class for reading “The Timid Lion”

Prose: Awarded 1st Class for writing “My Shoes Are Magic”; Judges comments: “A well written story and I must commend you on the idea of travelling as fast as you sang.”

My shoes are magic

One day I went to Toytownland. Everything was miniature. I saw a shoemaker and I Looked at a pair of shoes they were bright red. I said very neat stitching. I never did it said a voice. and I answered back I begyour pardon and I put my ear down and he said it again and I said how much is it. Ten dollars so I gave in tend dollars and he said that is a thousand dollars. Then I knew he meant ten cents. So I said well just take it and answered back b, b, b, but its too much. But I just took the shoes and walked out. I stepped over the miniature gate and put them on me and I felt something like sand and in seven seconds it was gone. And I was so happy I sang a little son and thin is my little song A one a two a three four five and six a seven a eight a nine a ten eleven and twelve and thirteen and fourteen and fifteeeeeeeeeeennn. And I looked on my compass and I had walked fifteen miles and I found out that I was in dreamland and I was alwaways in dream land it was all a dream.



14 FEBRUARY 1971


Church of the Province of Central Africa, Parish of Archdeaconry of Bulawayo, Diocese of Matabeleland

Christian name: Wayne

Surname: Visser

Declared date of birth: 17 December 1971 [mistake]

Sponsors: Roy Acutt, Norma Acutt, The Parents

Sacrament administered by Harald William Crane

Register of Baptisms kept in Khami Congregation



17 DECEMBER 1970

I enter the following records and recollections of events, achievements and memories relating to the period 17 December 1970 to 31 July 1987, before I started writing my journal.

Born: 00h20, 17 December 1970, Martaday Hospital, Bulawayo, Rhodesia.

Parents: Berend Visser and Jeanette Hilda (nee) Wood

World news on this day

Gdansk, Poland ship workers strike

US performs nuclear test at Nevada Test Site

USSR performs nuclear test at Eastern Kazakhstan/Semipalitinsk USSR