Dr Wayne Visser is the author of 25 books, including non-fiction works like The World Guide to Sustainable EnterpriseSustainable FrontiersCSR 2.0 and The Age of Responsibility and poetry collections like Life in TransitSeize the Day and I Am An African. See a full list below.


Featured Non-Fiction Book

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The World Guide to Sustainable Enterprise: Volume 1 (Africa & Middle East), Volume 2 (Asia Pacific), Volume 3 (Europe), Volume 4 (Americas), Sheffield: Greenleaf, 2016. >> View

Sustainable Frontiers: Unlocking Change through Business, Leadership and Innovation, Sheffield: Greenleaf, 2015. >> View

This is Tomorrow: Artists for a Sustainable Future, London: Kaleidoscope Futures, 2015. >> View

The CSR International Research Compendium: Volume 1 (Governance), Volume 2 (Environment), Volume 3 (Society), London: Kaleidoscope Futures, 2015. >> View

Disrupting the Future: Great Ideas for Creating a Much Better World, London: Kaleidoscope Futures, 2014. >> View

CSR 2.0: Transforming Corporate Sustainability and Responsibility, London: Springer, 2013. >> View

The Quest for Sustainable Business: An Epic Journey in Search of Corporate Responsibility, Sheffield: Greenleaf, 2012. >> View

Corporate Sustainability & Responsibility:  An Introductory Text on CSR Theory & Practice – Past, Present & Future, London: Kaleidoscope Futures, 2012. >> View

The Age of Responsibility: CSR 2.0 and the New DNA of Business, London: Wiley, 2011. >> View

The World Guide to CSR: A Country by Country Analysis of Corporate Sustainability and Responsibility, with N. Tolhurst. Sheffield: Greenleaf, 2010. >> View

The Top 50 Sustainability Books, with CPSL. Sheffield: Greenleaf, 2009. >> View

Landmarks for Sustainability: Events and Initiatives that Changed Our World, with CPSL. Sheffield: Greenleaf, 2009. >> View

Making A Difference: Purpose-Inspired Leadership for Corporate Sustainability & Responsibility, Saarbrücken: VDM, 2008. >> View

The A to Z of Corporate Social Responsibility: A Complete Reference Guide to Concepts, Codes and Organisations, with D. Matten, M. Pohl & N. Tolhurst. London: Wiley, 2007. >> View

Corporate Citizenship in Africa: Lessons from the Past, Paths to the Future, with M. McIntosh & C. MiddletonSheffield: Greenleaf, 2006. >> View

Business Frontiers: Social Responsibility, Sustainable Development and Economic Justice, Hyberabad: ICFAI University Press, 2005. >> View

South Africa: Reasons to Believe, with G. Lundy. Cape Town: Aardvark Press, 2003. >> View

Beyond Reasonable Greed: Why Sustainable Business is a Much Better Idea, with C. Sunter. Cape Town: Tafelberg Human & Rousseau, 2002. >> View


Featured Fiction Book

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Life in Transit: Favourite Travel & Tribute Poems, London: Kaleidoscope Futures, 2014. >> View

I Am An African: Favourite Africa Poems, 4th edition,London: Lulu, 2014. >> View

Icarus: Favourite Love Poems, London: Lulu, 2013. >> View

African Dream: Inspiring Words & Images from the Luminous Continent, London: Blurb, 2012. >> View

String, Donuts, Bubbles and Me: Favourite Philosophical Poems, London: Lulu, 2012. >> View

Seize the Day: Favourite Inspirational Poems, Coventry: Yourpod, 2011. >> View

Wishing Leaves: Favourite Nature Poems, 2nd edition, London: Lulu, 2012. >> View

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