You and Me, Here and Now

By Wayne Visser

What if it’s now?
That fateful moment
When everything turns
Silent, invisible gears shifting
And suddenly, your life, or mine
Changes forever
Sets off on a different trajectory
Enters a steep climb
Or stalls into a precipitous dive
What if this very instant
This magic moment
Is now?
What if it’s here?
That special place
Where destiny seeds
Dark, patient forces incubating
And suddenly, your future, or mine
Changes forever
Marks a new point of departure
Lays a fresh foundation
Or connects to roots long buried
What if this very location
This pivotal place
Is here?
What if it’s me?
That reluctant hero
Who hears the call
Tepid, timid heart beating
And suddenly, your quest, or mine
Changes forever
Looms larger in the lens of days
Stretches to the curved horizon
Or plumbs the depth of ocean
What if this ordinary soul
This unexpected hero
Is me?
What if it’s you?
That elusive lover
Who fits my edges
Yin and yang forces swirling
And suddenly, your dream, or mine
Changes forever
Bends to someone else’s bow
Or reaches for another’s star
What if this missing half
This integral lover
Is you?

Wayne Visser © 2013



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