Women of Africa

Women of Africa
In the land of bow and spear
Of chieftain and warrior
Of hunter and hunted
You are the silent gatherer
The unsung provider
The hidden basket
We raise you up
And speak your praise
In the shifting sands of power
You are the pyramid of constancy
Standing firm
Against the fierce winds of time
On the endless plains of possibility
You are the gentle matriarch
Leading the way
Through the fickle seasons of life
In the thirsty dust of desperation
You are the baobab of sustenance
Rooted deep
In the quenching earth of faith
You gather the tears of the world
And in the midst of mourning
You find reason to smile
You gather the tribes of the world
And in the chaos of squabbling
You sow seeds of community
You gather the stories of the world
And in the firelight of remembrance
You keep the spirit burning
Women of Africa
The music of every place
Moves to your swaying hips
And shakes to your stamping feet
Women of Africa
The children of every time
Suckle on your ample bosom
And fall asleep to your lullaby
Women of Africa
The victims of every tragedy
Seek solace in your arms
And find comfort in your voice
You gather the light of the world
And in the darkest caves of evil
You spread your luminescence
You gather the orphans of the world
And in the villages of your heart
You give them a place to call home
You gather the elders of the world
And in the sacred councils of trust
You show us a better way
When our past dries to a trickle
You are the river delta
That reunites our memories
With the sea of history
When our days are drought stricken
You are the tireless pestle
That grinds our hardship
Into the flour of wisdom
When our future lies in shadow
You are the wild prophetess
That divines our destiny
In the pattern of bones
Women of Africa
In a world of folly and fear
Of division and diversion
Of begetting and forgetting
You are the mighty gatherer
The harvester of wholeness
The maker of peace
We honour you this day
And forever more

Wayne Visser © 2012


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