What Now? (The Unpopular Vote)

By Wayne Visser

What now?
He won the unpopular vote
What now? He’s an emperor without any coat
What now?
All the power’s in the hands of a fool
What now?
We’re all living under bigotry’s rule
Now we rise up and we speak out
For this is the hour of democracy’s test
Now we defend the freedoms he flouts
For this is the moment to fight for our best
Now we dig deep and we stand tall
For this is the day for our values to shine
Now we defend and we don’t fall
For this is the moment for holding the line
For our freedom and justice
We’ll march on the street
For our planet and climate
We’ll turn up the heat
For our women and children
We’ll make our voice heard
For the sake of our future
We’ll not be deterred
Now we take stock and we prepare
For this is the hour of our reckoning
Now we join up and we share
For this is the moment of beckoning
Now we align and we support
For this is the day of pulling together
Now we get tough and we retort
For this is the moment to brave out the weather
For the keepers of every faith
We’ll refuse to be divided
For the people of every race
We’ll refuse to be one-sided
For the young ones and the old
We’ll find a better direction
For the willing and the bold
We’ll fight until the next election
What now?
We take up the strain on the rope
What now?
We stand with the forces of hope
What now?
We declare for the rights we have won
What now?
We unite and take action as one

Wayne Visser © 2016

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