Unspoken Words

I’m searching for ways to say what I mean
I’m struggling to speak, and so I have been
Talking in riddles of harbours and birds
While drowning in oceans of unspoken words
Words of reflection and words of regret
Words of forgiveness and words to forget
Words of rejection and words to provoke
Words of star-wishing and words of bright hope
Yet all of these words are hollow beside
The three words of truth I’ve kept deep inside
The words are “I love you” – yes, I love you still
And there are some promises left to fulfil
I promise to care, to be your best friend
I promise to heal, I promise to mend
The dreams that I crushed, the heart that I broke
The love torn apart by words that I spoke
But can you forgive me? Can you still see
A light on the path to our destiny?
And can you embrace me? Can you refill
The hole that I left? Do you love me still?

Wayne Visser © 2009


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