This is Your Time

This is your time
Your time to rise
To blaze and shine
Don’t say ‘too late’
Don’t wait for fate
To knock your door
Just take the floor
Take centre stage
Break out the cage
And act your dreams
Dream your story
Once-upon-a-time is now
The page is blank
You have the how
This is your time
Rewrite your rhyme
And take a bow
This is your time
Your time to lead
To show the way
To seize the day
Don’t stay a moment
Longer looking back
Your track is straight ahead
You tread the warrior’s path
Don’t fear, attack
Take giant leaps
Across the void
Into the great unknown
You’ve grown, now reap
What you have sown
This is your time
Let brass bells chime
The past has flown
This is your time
Your time to live
To love and laugh
To trust your inner guide
Take pride in what
You’ve done and what
You’ve yet to do, to be
You’ll see that life is not
All strife and pain
The rain is only passing by
So why not sing and splash
And flash your sound
Your brilliance, resilience
In turning things around
This is your time
To rise and shine
You’re skyward bound

Wayne Visser © 2013


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