The Migrant’s Lament

By Wayne Visser

I am the crosser of borders
I am the sailor of seas
I am the cargo of smugglers
I am the hunted who flees
I travelled from cradles of violence
I travelled on paths full of grace
I travelled from terrors of nightmares
I travelled to dreams of this place
I echo your pattern of history
I foretell your future to come
I sleep in the cold of your shadow
I crave for the warmth of your sun
I do not come to make trouble
I do not come here to steal
I bring you the gift of my culture
I need but a moment to heal
I am the wilful survivor
I am the ghost of your fears
I am the triumph of spirit
I am the stain of your tears
I journeyed from harbours of safety
I journeyed on oceans unknown
I journeyed from homesteads of loving
I journeyed to new skies unflown
I wish for the same things you wish for
I share the same sadness and griefs
I strive for the life that you strive for
I don’t wish to change your beliefs
I do not come empty handed
I do not come here to take
I bring you the wealth of my talents
I need only a chance to remake
I am the story of ages
I am the angel of new
I am the bringer of changes
I am the migrant – like you

Wayne Visser © 2016

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