The Dragon and the Phoenix

You are the mighty dragon
Whose history is lost in the mists of time
Shrouded in mystery and enchantment
And breathing fire
Your dragon emperors
Ruled the endless skies and earth
With flaming tongue and snaking tail
And armoured scales
The dragon flies again
Awaking from its night of red dreams
Craving the horded treasures of the West
And rising like a golden sun
Waxing like a silver moon
Shining the ancient wisdom of the East
Trailing iridescent sparks of change
The phoenix flies again
Cocooned in silk
And flowing with ripples of water
Through peaceful rockeries and gardens
Were your phoenix empresses
Singing spells
And rising in a blaze of coloured feathers
From the ashes of grey modernity
You are the mystical phoenix

Wayne Visser © 2008


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