The Abyss

By Wayne Visser

When you feel like you are falling
Into a gaping abyss
Endlessly, helplessly falling
Into a bottomless pit
Hold on tight
To your inner light
And count your starlit blessings
Don’t ask why
Look up at the sky
And spread your radiant mind-wings
When you feel like you’re depleted
Without an ounce of drive
Totally, utterly depleted
Without the will to strive
Light a fire
Of your heart’s desire
And feed the flame with passion
Start a dream
Of a world unseen
And build it without ration
When you feel like you are alone
In a cruel uncaring place
Heartlessly, hopelessly alone
In a cold and empty space
Reach out and
A supportive hand
Will be right there above you
Share your fears
Your anger and tears
With those who really love you

Wayne Visser © 2007


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