By Wayne Visser

Tell me, do you Like me?
Please answer quick, I’ve got to know
Are we Friends forever?
‘Cos if we don’t click, you’ll have to go
Did you just Accept me?
Feel free to Browse my latest hols
And did you see my Status?
I’m sure we’ll Share a bunch of lols
Do you want to Follow me?
Monitor my E-heartbeat
And can I be your Favourite?
Be sure to hashtag and Retweet
Shall we get on LinkedIn soon?
I’m hoping you will Digg my stuff
Or otherwise, just Tag me?
I’ll never call your Online bluff
Did you see my Album?
I’ve Pinned my wall with favourite pics
And did you watch my Channel?
I’m Posting loads so something sticks
But tell me, don’t I know you?
It feels somehow somewhere we’ve met
An avatar like yours?
It’s not a face I’d soon forget

Wayne Visser © 2014



Pdf #socialMEdia (poem)

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