Safe Place

Now you’re safe in your place and I’m safe in mine
No waves and no torrents, the weather’s just fine
The distance between us keeps still waters calm
Our harbour defences protect us from harm
But oh, how I long for the cool ocean spray
For the flap of the sails and the dolphins at play
And oh, how I yearn for the sway of the bed
For the rap of the riggings strung tight overhead
But I’m safe in my place and you’re safe in yours
Our anchors are dropped and we’re tied to the moors
No warnings of sea squalls, no fog horns or bells
No risk of us sinking, no dangerous spells
Yet oh, how I miss all the wide open space
The sun on our backs and the wind in our face
And oh, how I dream of the day we set sail
On our next great adventure, come hell or high gale


Wayne Visser © 2009


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