The pen, poised over a virgin page
The brush, held before a ghostly stage
The story of time scratched upon an age
The portrait of form framed within a cage
Without committing
All futures are possible
Before submitting
All bridges are crossable
No mountain too steep
No canyon too deep
No target to shoot for unmissable
The diver, toe-clinging to her board
The sailor, on his boat, harbour-moored
The lancer, slow, unsheathing her sword
The merchant, slick, conjuring his hoard
Without committing
No masterpiece can exist
Without submitting
No legacy can persist
No creations are designed
No revelations untwined
No love story starts with a kiss
We straddle the dream and the real
We join up the hub and the wheel
We spark the big bang in the nothingness
We play the sleight hand of our bluffingness
Each second that we move to choice
A silent world is given voice
Each moment that we choose to act
A crazy wish becomes a fact

Wayne Visser © 2012


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