Pictures and Words

By Wayne Visser

A picture paints a thousand words
And sometimes words are not enough
For pictures go where words cannot follow
And words remain long after pictures fade
Pictures are doors to time travel
And words are windows on deep space
Together they map our world of dreaming
And bend perceptions of reality
Pictures capture what can be seen
And words release what was hidden
For pictures are creations of the light
And words are born in the womb of darkness
Pictures are freeze frames of history
And words are visions of the future
For pictures trap moments in glaciers
And words flow like rivers to the ocean
Pictures are mirrors of beauty
And words are tides of feeling
For pictures shine with colours of the sun
And words reflect the mood swings of the moon
A word spells a thousand pictures
And sometimes pictures are too few
For words weave the stories of our lifetime
And pictures are cairns along the journey

Wayne Visser © 2007

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