Oh, To Be A Cloud

Oh, to be a cloud
Adrift in deep blue skies
Without a care
With wisp and flair
No whos or whats or whys

Oh, to be a cloud
Above the world so high
To smile and tear
To disappear
To flit and flut and fly

Oh, to be a cloud
Windswept from shore to shore
Without a home
To call your own
No polestar to implore

Oh, to be a cloud
A blocker of the sun
To rage and roar
To rain and pour
To always spoil the fun

Oh, to be a cloud
Of any shape you please
To bend the glow
Into a bow
To dance and daze and tease

Oh, to be a cloud
A bridge for heaven’s gulf
I’d be arcane
But then again
I’d rather be myself


Wayne Visser © 2010


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