Moment of Truth

There comes a moment
An empty, aching moment
When words are hollow
Shapeless and ungainly
Unfit for purpose
When metaphors are tired
Bleached and worn out
Dying on lips unuttered
When rhymes are strained
Wrenched and contorted
Twisting straight talk
It is a moment
A helpless, hopeless moment
When bridges and rivers
Do nothing
To unlock the enigma of time
When flames and flowers
Say nothing
To betray the heart’s deep secrets
When wings and flight
Know nothing
Worthy of the spirit’s journey
In this moment
This broken, naked moment
Music wells up from nowhere
Tremulous and tender
As it rushes into the void
And art explodes from nothing
Luminous and blazing
As it dives into the abyss
Only to be stilled and muted
Dowsed and extinguished
Swallowed by the moment
This is the moment
The white-out, wakeful moment
When all that can be said
Are three simple words
When all that can be felt
Are two hearts beating
When all that can be meant
Is I love you
This is the moment
The moment to live for
The moment of truth.

Wayne Visser © 2010


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