Let Them

By Wayne Visser

Let them rip and tear our pages
They cannot mute our story
Let them smash and break our pictures
They cannot kill our smiles
For our words have power
And our joy is like a rock
Our tale is star enchanted
And our happiness is an ocean
Let them swear and curse our fates
They cannot change our destiny
Let them pierce and pry our safety
They cannot intimidate our dreams
For our bond is of the moon
And our weapons made of light
Our art inspires creation
And all that’s good is on our side
Let them taunt and mock our morals
They cannot shake our conscience
Let them deny and decry our love
They are but passing strangers
For our inner voice is clear
And our actions speak more true
Our roots of love are strong
And our wings of trust are sure


Wayne Visser © 2007



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