Keys to the Maze

By Wayne Visser

Upon the path of life’s great maze
Surprises lurk around each bend
There may be dragons, spells or gold
And battles fought before the end
And on this journey to the heart
Of life’s great mysteries
You’ll have to unlock secret doors
That need some special keys
The first key is IDENTITY –
The quest to know your mind
It helps you bypass cul-de-sacs
And treasure what you find
The second key is CONFIDENCE –
The will to stretch and strive
It takes you where you want to go
And keeps your hopes alive
Your footprint on the earth
It means you take care where you tread
And know what life is worth
The fourth key is the shape of LOVE –
With enigmatic flame of red
It burns the heart; it warms the cold
And lights the way ahead
The fifth key is life’s MEANING –
The pattern in the maze
It finds a way to join the dots
With destiny’s bright blaze
I wish you happy twists and turns
On easy trails and steep
Whatever choices that you make
These keys are yours to keep

Wayne Visser © 2016

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