Goddess of the Sun

By Wayne Visser

There are gods for the planets
And gods for the turbulent seas
But the Mother of Daylight
Is the goddess for mortal me
You’re the blush on my skin
The glint in my evergreen eyes
You’re the dream I begin
The blaze in my overcast skies
There are nymphs of the rivers
And sylphs of the pellucid air
But the Lady of Lumen
Is a deva more filigree fair
You’re the dawn of my light
The phosphorescence of my Milky Way
You’re the torch in my night
The incandescence of my golden ray
There is Sól and Apollo
Helios, Anyanwu and Ra
But all of them must kowtow
To a deity much brighter by far
You’re the cartwheel in my galaxy
The twinkle in my rising star
You’re the fire in my firmament
The one I love, my Indi-Ra

Wayne Visser © 2015



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