Forty One

Another bumpy trip around the chunky sun
With far less battles lost than new victories won
I’m far from my old age and yet no longer young
I’ve only just got started – I’m firing forty one
Another funky flip inside my clunky head
With fewer fears to face, yet ever skins to shed
I’m eager to find out what paths still lay ahead
I’m keeping my feet light wherever I may tread
Another chunky chip in my life’s hunky dough
With far less cause to shrink and much more chance to grow
I’m ready to become the star of my own show
I’m sailing on the wind and surfing in the flow
Another monkey trick of clockwork flunky fun
With no less time to waste and such great love to come
I’m gazing at the stars with dreams still left to run
I’ve only just got started – I’m firing forty one

Wayne Visser © 2011


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