Earth, Air, Water, Fire

I am Earth:
Grounded and mounded
And moulded in clay
Secret and shrouded
And hidden from day
Womb am I:
Life is seeded and sprouted
And spread out in green
I am fertile and febrile –
The guardian unseen
I am Air:
Wispy and misty
And swirling in space
Fleeting and flirting
And moving with grace
Breath am I:
Life is shaped and spoken
And scattered in white
I am ethereal, inspiring –
The guardian of flight
I am Water:
Flowing and knowing
And fresh with surprise
Snaking and slaking
And shifting disguise
Thirst am I:
Life is suckled and sated
And swaddled in blue
I am replenishing, forgiving –
The guardian of new
I am Fire:
Burning and yearning
And purging the night
Forging and flashing
And shedding all light
Heat am I:
Life is sparked and stoked
And flame-licked in gold
I am passion, transcendence
The guardian of soul
We are Earth, we are Air
We are Water and Fire
And the mission we share
Is to quench life’s desire
The message we bring
Is the wisdom we keep:
That we four merge to one
In the love that you seek

Wayne Visser © 2013


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