Chocolate Seduction

By Wayne Visser

Mouth-wateringly tempting …
When I peel back the wrap on your cocoa skin
And inhale the heady lasso of your scent
Tongue-twistingly scrumptious …
As I close licked lips around your umber blush
And imbibe the creamy nectar of your bud
Lip-smearingly luscious …
When I suck the seed of your melting virtue
And swallow the decadent spice of your kiss
Toe-tinglingly piquant …
As I ride on the swell of your peptic tide
And frolic in the sugar-rush surf of your zest
Heart-meltingly blissful …
When I cradle the curve of your honeyed breath
And repose in the aftertaste of your sigh


Wayne Visser © 2007



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