Catch Me If You Can

I’ve been released into the wild
Just like a wide-eyed, wondrous child
And though I travel far from home
I know I’ll seldom be alone
I’m making friends along the way
And teaching adults how to play
I’m bringing unexpected joys
To lots of little girls and boys
To some, I am a mystery
To others, like a fantasy
I bring cold thrills and warm romance
But is it fate or is it chance?
So catch me if you can today
Tomorrow I’ll be miles away
Or maybe just around the block
Or in your favourite coffee shop
And if you find me, pick me up
I’ll share my life and bring you luck
Then set me free to make more friends
So that my story never ends

Wayne Visser © 2008

Postscript: This poem is about ‘bookcrossing’


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