Box Life

By Wayne Visser

We live our life in boxes
Proclaiming: ‘I’m not free!’
The strangest paradox is
Each box was built by me
Somehow, a box is cosy
A box keeps strangers out
Protects us from the nosey
And leaves no room for doubt
We live our life in boxes
Complaining: ‘I can’t see!’
And yet the paradox is
That others can’t see me
But still, a box is tidy
A box clears up the mess
Brings order and sobriety
Declutters hoards of stress
We live our life in boxes
Until we step outside
The funny thing with locks is
The keys are in our mind
So take that box and blow it
Sky high – you’ll love the view!
Your life’s not square, so show it:
The curve, the kink, the skew
We box our life from living
Until we knock walls down
The shape of life is giving
And boxed-up Jack’s a clown
I’m getting out, I’m letting go
Who dreams big, boxed inside?
The swirling dance of life must flow
So burst your box and join the tide

Wayne Visser © 2013


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