4 JUNE 1978

Bulawayo Eisteddfod Society

Poetry: Awarded 1st Class for reading “The Timid Lion”

Prose: Awarded 1st Class for writing “My Shoes Are Magic”; Judges comments: “A well written story and I must commend you on the idea of travelling as fast as you sang.”

My shoes are magic

One day I went to Toytownland. Everything was miniature. I saw a shoemaker and I Looked at a pair of shoes they were bright red. I said very neat stitching. I never did it said a voice. and I answered back I begyour pardon and I put my ear down and he said it again and I said how much is it. Ten dollars so I gave in tend dollars and he said that is a thousand dollars. Then I knew he meant ten cents. So I said well just take it and answered back b, b, b, but its too much. But I just took the shoes and walked out. I stepped over the miniature gate and put them on me and I felt something like sand and in seven seconds it was gone. And I was so happy I sang a little son and thin is my little song A one a two a three four five and six a seven a eight a nine a ten eleven and twelve and thirteen and fourteen and fifteeeeeeeeeeennn. And I looked on my compass and I had walked fifteen miles and I found out that I was in dreamland and I was alwaways in dream land it was all a dream.



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