Academic Publications

Prof. Visser has published many scholarly books, chapters and papers, especially on sustainable business, corporate social responsibility (CSR), creating integrated value, future-fit organisations, technological innovation and change management. Books include, for example, The World Guide to Sustainable Enterprise, The World Guide to CSR and The A to Z of Corporate Social Responsibility. Many of the chapters and papers are available for free download on this website.  Chapters and articles include, for example:

  • The Future of CSR: Towards Transformative CSR, or CSR 2.0. In: A. Örtenblad (ed.), Research Handbook on Corporate Social Responsibility in Context, Cheltenham: Edward Elgar Publishing, 2016.
  • Integrated Value Creation (IVC): Beyond Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) and Creating Shared Value (CSV), with C. Kymal, Journal for International Business Ethics, Vol.8 No.1, 2015.
  • Sustainability Leadership: Linking Theory and Practice, with P. Courtice, SSRN Working Paper Series, 21 October 2011.
  • The Age of Responsibility: CSR 2.0 and the New DNA of Business,  Journal of Business Systems, Governance and Ethics, 5(3): 7, 2010.
  • Corporate Social Responsibility in Developing Countries, In: A. Crane, A. McWilliams, D. Matten, J. Moon & D. Siegel (eds.), The Oxford Handbook of Corporate Social Responsibility, Oxford: Oxford University Press, 473-479, 2008.
  • Corporate Social Responsibility in Management Research: Focus, Nature, Salience and Sources of Influence, with A. Lockett & J. Moon, Journal of Management Studies 43(1): 115-136, February 2006.
  • Revisiting Carroll’s CSR Pyramid: An African Perspective, In: E.R. Pedersen & M. Huniche (eds.), Corporate Citizenship in Developing Countries, Copenhagen: Copenhagen Business School Press, 29–56, 2006.

Many of the chapters and papers are available for free download on this website.  Go to Books / Go to Chapters and Articles.

Academic Positions and Lectures

Prof. Dr. Wayne Visser is Chair in Sustainable Transformation and Professor of Integrated Value at Antwerp Management School. He has lectured at 50 universities in 19 countries and also holds current roles at the University of Cambridge’s Institute for Sustainability Leadership (Fellow and Masters Tutor), the University of Pretoria’s Gordon Institute of Business Science (Extraordinary Professor) and the Stockholm School of Economics’s Riga Programme (Adjunct Professor). The topics that Prof. Visser mostly researches and teaches on include:

  • Creating Integrated Value (CIV): Beyond CSR and CSV
  • The Future of Business: How to Survive & Thrive
  • The Art and Practice of Sustainability Leadership
  • CSR 2.0: Beyond ISO 26000 to the Future of CSR
  • The Business Case for Sustainability & Responsibility
  • Sustainability Strategies for Global Challenges
  • Purpose-Inspired Enterprise & Entrepreneurship
  • CSR/Sustainability Best Practices Around the World
  • Sustainability Innovation & Change Management
  • Making a Difference: Society, Organisations & Individuals

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University and Student Feedback

Prof. Visser’s teaching courses are regularly evaluated and score highly on the university’s assessment systems. In addition, he often receives written comments of endorsement and positive feedback from students.For example, when he was lecturing at Warwick Business School in the UK, he won the Outstanding Teacher Award of the Warwick MBA two years in a row. Below is an indicative sample from a few universities.

University of Cambridge, UNITED KINGDOM

  • Everyone talking about how your session was the best of the week! We want more Wayne (in person)!
  • Fantastic knowledge base! Brilliant.
  • Very entertaining, very informational and very interactive.
  • Really positive and insightful session.
  • Really good – case studies and theory mix was just right.
  • It was thought provoking to listen to
  • A very interesting session
  • Engaging presentation.

Gordon Institute of Business Science, SOUTH AFRICA

  • Excellent balance between theory and real world.
  • Wide knowledge base of subject. Great job!
  • Good, smart, professional. No fuss but got the pointsacross.
  • Very interesting. Changed a few of my opinions.
  • Did very well on bringing the concept of sustainability closer to home.
  • Enjoyed the real life examples.
  • Excellent course context. Method was refreshing.
  • Very good presentation material. Thought provoking.
  • My favourite lecturer in this module. He is interactive, uses different mediums, knows subject, is current, etc. I left the course wanting to go and specialise in sustainability.
  • Most enjoyable session – expert in the field. Effective presentation style.
  • Leadership for a future fit world was possibly life changing. Thank you.

Sample of Teaching Engagements from 2016


SWEDEN: Sustainable Development & CSR, 2 days, MBA lectures, Stockholm School of Economics, Stockholm, 22-23 November 2016.

BELGIUM: Future Trends & Future Fitness, 1 day, Workshop for Randstad, Antwerp Management School, La Roche, 30 August 2016.

UK: Sustainable Design & Technology: “Eco-innovation”, MSt in Sustainability Leadership, Institute for Sustainability Leadership, University of Cambridge, Cambridge, 4 August 2016.

SOUTH AFRICA: Innovation for Future Fitness, 4 days, MBA module, Gordon Institute of Business Science, University of Pretoria, Johannesburg, 16-19 June 2016.

MEXICO: Competencies For Our Global Challenges: Leading Change Through Sustainable Innovation, 2 day course and half-day workshop, Monterrey Institute for Technology, Guadalajara, 25-27 May.


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